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Houston Conference Guidelines

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1. The faculty is comprised of a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist and other professional psychologists.

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2. Training is provided at a fixed site or on formally affiliated and geographically proximate training sites, with primarily on-site supervision.

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3. There is access to clinical services and training programs in medical specialties and allied professions.

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4. There are interactions with other residents in medical specialties and allied professions, if not other residents in clinical neuropsychology.

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5. Each resident spends significant percentages of time in clinical service, and clinical research, and educational activities, appropriate to the individual resident's training needs.

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The program provides the following:

6. Advanced skill in the neuropsychological evaluation, treatment and consultation to patients and professionals sufficient to practice on an independent basis.

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7. Advanced understanding of brain-behavior relationships.

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8. Scholarly activity, e.g., submission of a study or literature review for publication, presentation, submission of a grant proposal or outcome assessment.

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9. A formal evaluation of competency in the exit criteria 1 through 3 shall occur in the residency program.

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10. Eligibility for state or provincial licensure or certification for the independent practice of psychology.

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11. Eligibility for board certification in clinical neuropsychology.

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The program meets all 11 items above pertaining to Houston Conference Guidelines

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